Birdz Gallery

Welcome to the Birdz Gallery

Welcome to the Birdz Gallery

Welcome to the Birdz GalleryWelcome to the Birdz GalleryWelcome to the Birdz Gallery

About Lois & Her Birdz


The Birth of an Idea

In 2013, while doing a watercolor painting of a landscape, Lois tested her colors on a vertical strip of paper taped to her easel. A few weeks later the test strip fell from her portfolio and landed horizontally on her desk. In an instant, she saw the strip of colors as a collection of birds and added a few pen strokes to bring them to life (see “First Birdz” here). Soon to follow were a series of joyful and whimsical paintings called, “Birdz of a Feather.”

The Process

Lois applies the colors first, lets the paint dry, then “finds” and defines each bird with pen and ink. Original watercolors and prints are available framed, mounted on birch blocks that she and her partner make in their workshop, or mounted and laminated on plaques.


About Lois

Lois was born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey, received a BA degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University and a MA degree from the University of British Columbia. She divides her time between Amherst, Massachusetts and Henderson, CO.


“I have to tell you that I got such a kick out of your little bird pictures when I saw them in Boulder....they just make me smile!”  

— Melissa Krygier

“Holy cannoli, her original work and prints are too wonderful! So, so cute and lovely, and easy to find perfect little places for.” 

— Heather Wynne

“Always, always laugh! These are just delightful creatures. Thank you.”

— Bella Halstead

“Lois—Keep the birdz flying from your mind and onto the paper.” 

— Alan Root

“Lois, what fun! Totally delightful.  And the mats and frames are exceptional. Namaste." — Mally from Sangha

“Very fun! I love how you show so much in their body language. And I enjoy their small sizes and the long panorama-like shapes set in perfect frames. Thank you." — Gretta Nolan

Handmade Birch Blocks


Lois and her partner Doug build each 1.5" deep birch block frame in their workshop.

Carefully Crafted


Each archival quality print is mounted flush on the birch block frame.

Versatile Display Options


Blocks can be hung on a wall or set on a shelf.